Friday, September 19, 2008

A 'Thanks', GMN debrief

Hank previously highlighted a frequent problem involving vehicles parked smack in the middle of the path. The usual culprits in my experience are landscapers and FP&L, and wanted recognize this Miami-Dade Transit van to illustrate my point. Thanks to the driver for the courteous display, whoever and wherever you are. Sometimes it's the little stuff that counts, and it is appreciated.

Re: Tuesday's Green Mobility Network meeting

The turnout was fantastic - JHop is claiming around forty - but even more exciting was the draft of the Bicycle Action Plan for the City of Miami. Though the M-Path is the County's domain, several bike lanes are now in the works that would intersect the path.

I will wait for the finalized plan to dive into specifics, but key East/West lanes seemed priority on the presented draft. This is both an exciting and critical moment for improving the bicycling infrastructure in South Florida. Though Mayor Diaz was a no show, he dispatched staff members who adamantly proclaimed his intent to create the action plan and set it in motion.

Now, if not more than ever, the importance of the M-Path is visible as a potential main artery for bicycling traffic south of the downtown area. For the sake of connectivity, it is absolutely imperative that the county cooperate with the City of Miami and respond to our initiative.

Finally, A big shout out to Mike Lydon from Transit Miami who worked very hard on developing this action plan alongside city staffers - and took the time to patiently go over the draft with everyone at the meeting.

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Mike said...

This is my first time on your site. It's great! Thanks for the shout out!


-mike lydon