Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Mission

The M-Path

This blog exists to inform the public about the M-Path, a little-known utility path of approximately 9 miles that runs underneath the Metrorail from SW 67th Avenue (Ludlam, South Miami/Pinecrest) to SW 15th Street (Brickell).

Who We Are

The contributors are cyclists who use the M-Path to commute to work. At present, we believe that the M-Path holds great potential to provide a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to driving. We are everyday people who work in the downtown Miami area and have, at one time or another, discovered that commuting by bicycle is much more enjoyable than utilizing the personal automobile. Unfortunately, we also discovered that Miami has very little bicycle-friendly infrastructure and remains largely unaware of transit alternatives.

Our Mission

Our goal is to emphasize the importance of the M-Path and it's potential to transform Miami-Dade county into a bicycle-friendly area.

Quite simply, we want to create a medium in which users communicate with one another about the current state of the M-Path, how it can be improved to accommodate alternative forms of transit (with an emphasis on bicycling), and the benefits/dangers associated with utilizing it. Further, we intend to regularly inform those responsible for maintaining and improving the M-Path of its hazards, issues, and possible solutions.


- The M-Path is an excellent asset to Miami-Dade County but is substantially under utilized.

- M-Path utilization could increase if the existing facilities were made more user-friendly and in some cases safer.

- All types of riders should be accommodated on the M-Path, including (but not limited to) recreational riders, commuters, and visitors.

- Use of the M-Path is by necessity a blend of traffic regulations, pedestrian protocols, and common sense.

- Bicyclists are most vulnerable to falls and other accidents when they are starting or stopping, the times when bikes are inherently less stable and riders are most distracted. Necessary starts and stops should be easily anticipated and made as safe as possible.

We welcome your suggestions about how to improve the M-path, safety observations, and your M-Path stories of Joy and/or Horror. Feel free to drop a comment to us in the appropriate post.


J. said...

Great site thanks.

Can anyone recommend a way through downtown? After I get off the M-path it's a little dodgy the rest of the way to Port of Miami.

Hank said...

Here's an idea. When you get to SW 13th St from the south TURN LEFT to SW 2nd Ave and then turn right. Cross the River on SW 2nd Ave instead of Brickell or Miami Ave. This road has quite a bit less congestion and the bridge surface is concrete, not steel grate! Turn right on SW 1st St and head to Biscayne Blvd that way or continue on SW 2nd Ave to the Police station and turn right there (NW 4th St, I think).