Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back In Town

I've been back on the M-Path this week after almost two months away with only a few days in Miami during that time.

Some observations after my first couple of rides:

The new paved path from the north end of the South Miami transit station to the controlled crossing at US-1 and SW 70th St is nearly complete. CONGRATULATIONS to Miami-Dade Transit for this improvement to safely lead users of the M-Path and station to and from this crossing point.

But what's the new fence and gate all about?

Will this portion of the otherwise open station be closed at certain times? If so, why and how would M-Path users know?

Also, because of the gate installation at the south end of the new pavement it remains very narrow where it joins the old path. So the old blind corner has not been substantially relieved. Why not lose the gate and make the intersection of the paths wider?

Yesterday there were 2 grass cutting crews working along the Path. Neither was blocking the pavement, a very good thing. Today there was another and, you guessed it, smack in the middle! I politely asked if next time the truck could be parked on the grass and was politely received. But wouldn't be easier to simply have a "no blocking" requirement for any contract or other maintenance work on or around the Path?

The work on the condominium constructuion at SW 1st Rd, south of Broadway has at least temporarily given back the street. No need these last few days to detour to S Miami Ave, although the resurfacing of Broadway has caused some resourceful re-routing. That should be completed by the end of today.

More later.

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