Monday, December 29, 2008


Although it looks complete the new traffic island at SW 57th Avenue (Red Rd) and US -1 has a 4-6" wide channel cut about 6-8" deep on either side between the newly poured curb/ramp and the existing road surface. THIS IS EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS for bicycle riders, joggers or even pedestrians. The cut is not marked in either direction and is at an angle to the pedestrian crossing so could easily capture the front wheel of a bicycle. WALK bicycles across this intersection until it is repaired properly.


The pedestrian crossing signals at SW 27th Avenue and US-1 were not operational this morning (12/29)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good Weather to Ride and Some Progress

Back on the M-Path after a few weeks of travel and allergy stuff. Some observations:

  • The South Miami intersection at Sunset Dr (SW 72nd St) is complete and nicely done. Nice signalization and clear crossing marks.
  • New construction at the Red Rd (SW 57th Ave) intersection. No are in the intersection before it is obvious that a new median is under construction. BE CAREFUL!
  • The sidewalk to path transition at Douglas Rd (SW 37th Ave)has been completed. Work on the adjoining sidewalk to the north continues...GO SLOW!
  • The dangerously broken chainlink fence at the 27th Ave intersection has been completely removed...THANKS to M-D Transit?

This weather is great for commuting to work. The best areas of the Path are looking very good: Coral Gables in front of UM and through "The Roads" closer to Miami are the best...very relaxing.