Monday, September 15, 2008

GMN Meeting This Tuesday

The Green Mobility Network, quite possibly the solution to the rusted, clunky drive train that is South Florida's bicycling advocacy, will hold a meeting tomorrow night near downtown Miami.

There are all sorts of reasons you, the concerned cyclist and/or pedestrian, should attend. One is to take a sneak peak at portions of the inaugural Bicycle Action Plan for the City of Miami, drafted by city staffers and volunteers. Another reason to go is to network with like-minded cyclists/pedestrians and check out some good opportunities to find ways to do your own advocating (other than just riding and yelling at distracted drivers, of course).

I've attended a few meetings and the draw is usually very diverse, spanning all types of citizenry and everyone is very approachable. So don't be shy.

Place: Garden Center @ Simpson Park
Time: 7:30PM, Tuesday, September 15
Spoke's has the details.

Wait, wait, wait - bicycle, action, plan, AND Miami... all in the same sentence? If you didn't just fall out of your chair, you need to wake yourself up.

May your track stands be lengthy,


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JHop said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Tony! Looks like the mayor will be there, too.