Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good Weather to Ride and Some Progress

Back on the M-Path after a few weeks of travel and allergy stuff. Some observations:

  • The South Miami intersection at Sunset Dr (SW 72nd St) is complete and nicely done. Nice signalization and clear crossing marks.
  • New construction at the Red Rd (SW 57th Ave) intersection. No are in the intersection before it is obvious that a new median is under construction. BE CAREFUL!
  • The sidewalk to path transition at Douglas Rd (SW 37th Ave)has been completed. Work on the adjoining sidewalk to the north continues...GO SLOW!
  • The dangerously broken chainlink fence at the 27th Ave intersection has been completely removed...THANKS to M-D Transit?

This weather is great for commuting to work. The best areas of the Path are looking very good: Coral Gables in front of UM and through "The Roads" closer to Miami are the best...very relaxing.


Tom said...

Welcome back, Hank. Hope we see you at Bike Miami on December 14th.

Eddie Suarez said...

The median on Sunset (west of US1) juts out onto the crosswalk. It juts out far enough that we cannot use the crosswalk safely when there's two of us abreast. About 700 of us use the M-Path as our running path on Saturday mornings and I watched as the runners running on the median side had to move over to not trip.

Also there's a light structure and street pole right on the corner (on the Metrorail station side) of Sunset and US1 that are dangerously close to blocking the M-Path as you head north. Same thing happens here with the flow of pedestrian traffic. We end up splitting the obstacles.

Finally, the gate's at the north end of the South Miami Metrorail station cause another bottle neck and can be dangerous for runners and cyclists. I asked and yes they intend to lock the station at some point. This would in turn not allow access to the M-Path during those times. Why have this break in the path? It doesn't make sense. The M-Path should be as complete and should allow for flow of traffic without any dangers just like if it was a regular roadway for vehicular traffic!