Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Along the Path

Riders beware: The intersection of Sunset Drive and US-1 continues to be impassible for bicyclists and pedestrians due to reconstruction of the sidewalks and islands on the west side of the intersection. This has been on-going for about a week and probably has another week to go. A little consideration for M-Path users would have been nice, but in lieu of that I suggest you you detour using SW 62 Ave and SW 70th St.

Another salute to the grass trimmers working on the Path in the Gables between Lejeune and the new Ponce circle who were courteous enough to park their truck off of the paved pathway. Thanks guys.


Eddie Suarez said...

I'm convinced this city believes pedestrians and cyclists are 2nd class citizens. Why would they block our "right of way"

They wouldn't dare do that for cars without having an alternative thoroughfare but yet they don't hesitate when it comes to foot or bicycle traffic.

Have you ever seen a big road construction sign or some other road warning sign planted in the middle of a sidewalk? How are we supposed to get around it?

I can go on and on with examples of how bad the "sidewalk" designers in this town think. It seems they never intend anyone to use what they are building.

Eddie Suarez said...

Hey Hank,

I rode most of the M-Path from Sunset to "Broadway" on my way to Bike Miami yesterday.

I wanted to bring an M-Path closure to your attention. When I got to 37ave (where the Walgreens is) we had no where to go. There were two barricades and yellow tape closing the entrance to the MPath (northbound). No signage obviously to tell us how to get to the M-Path. We decided to ride through the Walgreens, then cut across the gravel and hop up (yes hop, it wasn't smooth) onto the path.

And BTW, LOVE the site... Keep it up!