Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday 6/16/08 Update


Referring to the previous post, construction is continuing on SW 1st Ave just south of SW 15th Rd. The road is closed both ways and you can guess where traffic is redirected to... the M-Path, of course.

It's advisable to avoid this section altogether (one block east, South Miami Avenue has new bike lanes between SW 15th & 26th) or approach with extreme caution. Riding in this morning, the individuals responsible for flagging traffic were sitting in the shade enjoying a meal while cars drove up and down the M-Path unhindered.

As always, feel free to let us and others know about similar problems.

Be safe out there,


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davidh said...


Congratulations on a great project. I agree that the M-Path is a very significant facility that has the potential for moving a lot more people than currently use it. Making people more aware of the M-Path will help attract more users and more support for making improvements. The Metropolitan Planning Organization did an M-Path master plan last year to help guide improvements. It is available online at: Look under "Studies" then "Non-Motorized" and you will see "Metrorail M-Path Master Plan."

David Henderson
Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator
Miami-Dade MPO