Friday, June 27, 2008

M-Path Irony

Even though I take the M-Path home from work almost everyday I had never taken it much further south than Sunset Drive. Because I want to document all of the M-Path's problem areas, I had to acquaint myself with the M-Path's southern tip, and since I had never ridden that portion of the M-Path before, I thought it was a good opportunity to view the path from the perspective of someone who's new to the path. So after work, instead of heading north, I went south. Despite a couple of confusing forks in the path it is a nice scenic little jaunt. It even has a quaint little wooden bridge, but shortly after crossing the wooden bridge I found myself stranded at 67th AVE.

Despite having no crosswalk to assist me, I soldiered on. After risking life and limb crossing 67th AVE in search of the rest of the path, I happened upon a dirt trail. "Is this the M-Path?" I wondered.

After becoming even more helplessly stranded upon encountering 878 I came to the sad conclusion that I had indeed reached the end of the path.

After pondering the unceremonious end of the M-Path I became equal parts amused and annoyed as I realized there was not a sign indicating that the path had ended. By my estimation, there are about 957 signs along the M-Path, falsely indicating it has come to an end. Like this one

Yet, when the path truly ends, there is no sign in sight. Not that it would really matter considering the "End M-Path" warning is the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" of the sign world, but it does emphasize how silly, pointless, and confusing those signs can be.


Eddie Suarez said...

Want some more confusion? Try taking the MetroRail to the Dadeland North Station and then try to get to the M-Path.

Good luck!

Martin said...

Well Eddie, I will take you up on that challenge, and I'll let you know how it turns out.

JHop said...

I call that stretch from 80th Street to the Dadeland South station the "Dadeland Gap." There's a county plan to close the gap, but I haven't checked with Miami-Dade Transit lately on what progress is being made.

Erick said...

It's a similar situation from the south. Going from the busway, there's a short section of trail that ends abruptly at Dadeland South. No signs, no crosswalks, just a big black hole.

Just came across this and look forward to reading the masterplan.